Monday, June 29, 2020

Week two reflection

Take time to reflect and think about this term, and answer these questions. Give detail for each answer.

1. What is one thing you have achieved this term you are proud of? Finishing my Explanation writing because I worked hard on it
2. What are three things you have done to be IDEAL this term? Give examples, and relate each one to a school value. I acted with respect by listening and being nice to the teacher. I engaged with mana in modules by trying even if I didn't like what we had to do. I dared to succeed by finishing my work.
3. How have you contributed to the caring classroom environment of Room 13? by being nice to others
4. What is one goal you have, related to your learning, for the rest of the year in Room 13? To be organised and optimistic
5. Think about the holidays - what is one thing you are really looking forward to? Why?
Relaxing because I can not worry about school

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The letter

To whoever reads this,

I, William Dougard Duke of Somerset Is in urgent need of help off the coast of Normandy, France I am in battle with coast fortifications. On board my ship The Royal James, We are taking a massive amount of damage from Cannons and at this moment  I have seen deaths of Brave Seamen die for the duties of the empire. I shall tell you How I got into this battle, It was foggy and then I saw it, Land I thought it was england So I steered towards it and the battle begun.

Captain Dougard, 1754

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Ushakov and the bear

Ushakov and the bear.

In Soviet controlled Poland lived Yuri Ushakov, He had a strong Russian accent so where became vere and well became vell, like how vampires spoke, But the Russian’s weren’t vampires ,well, that we know of, Anyway. He wanted to go to the hills and dig some frozen mammoth and have it for dinner. He drove his ute to the nearest hill. Suddenly a Polar bear came outta nowhere and spoke some polar bear and flipped the ute upside down and threw it down the hill and ran away, Ushakov, frustrated, changed into a bat and sucked the polar bear’s blood.

Monday, June 15, 2020

WC 100 Part 4

I was frightened, alone, well with Buddy, my dog in the Peruvian Amazonia, or the Amazon Rainforest. I knew I was going to never be found. I went back to the home in the cliffside, I lied on the large rectangular rock and fell to sleep I was In a hall and A Elephant in a tuxedo stood up and bowed ,then the Elephant delivered a speech about how animals were going to take over the world I then woke up in cold sweat and looked at Buddy to make sure he was okay and went back to deep sleep.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

WC100 pt.3

I backed away and started running, Back to the safety of the “Home in the cliff side” (as I called it) I Searched for a place to put the berry's I could save.  I began to search again for food. Halfway through I tripped over a twig that was sticking out the ground, It looked like My Viola but a lot more Ancient and rotten. I then encountered another thing sticking out the ground I heaved it out , It was a gold dagger used by the Incas, I then realised where I was Lost, in the deep, deadly, Amazon Rain forest.  

Monday, June 1, 2020

WC 100 Part 2

Here is a sequel to my first WC 100 

I knelt in front of the river, cupped my hands, And shoved water into my mouth. Buddy then walked away. 

I followed him until we came to a cliff. Buddy immediately started sniffing around a small hole in the cliff face big enough for me to fit in. I crawled through into a wide space. I thought that this cave could be our new home. 

It was near water which meant plants flourished there. My stomach started to rumble and I decided to look for food. I found a berry plant inside a bear, asleep ,I knew I should run…

Sunday, May 24, 2020


I took inspiration from the this photo:

After the safari in Africa with my dog,Buddy. I was jumping off my seat while looking at the photos I took . My Mother booked a private flight for Me, she was always nice to me. Then the plane went into a full-on nose dive. The pilot started shouting I couldn’t hear him over the propeller. I clutched Buddy and shut my eyes Then SLAM!.

I woke up with Buddy licking me , I ran from the Burning plane I kept running. Me and Buddy stopped to catch our breath in front of a river, My days of survival just begun.